About this shop. . .

近幸について... Once upon a time ...
Era there was a time going slowly than it is now,
Era for the family, had been re-created by solving the thread of their own kimono.

"Kimono" is,
The re-dyed the back, you can re-sewing, you can dress material to the futon,
You can change the (Warm Clothing that contains a cotton-like coat)
short coat worn over a kimono, orcanopy to one side mirror,
Further, in (which was stitched refers finely one side by superimposing a cotton cloth)
quilting, to strengthen You can wear in judo and fire fighting clothes, or in a bag or belt with later textiles spare me ...
It becomes final diapers, baby, familiar yukata, until the material is kind to the soft fair skin of baby
is washed many times still Was continued use.

Now ...
I am waiting for your turn in the chest and had been closed with care "kimono" and, because it was something special.
Along with the memories of you, why not re-create to get close to special?
If you are looking Shuchaku, the Sunday best clothes, you can get a glimpse of the happy time that surrounds it.
Even if there is dirt and scratches and stains many, what was put away carefully cut through the sleeve once,
nor those that remain basting thread took, It will be admiring to forget from time to time to pat unintentionally.

I have been selling to create their own small shop owner in a cute antique kimono with such warmth.

留 敷 巾 袋 納 華 他 古い着物 七五三 戻る